What are GAF Master Elite Requirements?

If you are looking for a roofer in the Statesville area you may be overwhelmed by the many companies you have to choose from. Anyone who has ever had a bad roofing experience knows that not all roofing contractors are the same. When dealing with a roof, you have to be at the mercy of the company you choose since you getting up to see for yourself isn’t very likely. That is why it is so important to hire the right company, but how do you know which one to trust? If you want to find a local roofer who you know has the reputation that speaks volumes, find one that has the GAP Master Elite insignia. The GAF Master Elite Requirements are all you need to know that you are hiring someone with integrity.

What are the GAF Master Elite Requirements?

When you hire a roofer in the Statesville area you are not only hiring a contractor, you are most likely hiring a specific shingle distributor. Most roofing constructors deal specifically with one type of shingle, or one manufacturer. GAF is the industry leader in roofing materials. They have an outstanding product that rates among the highest of any made. They not only have an amazing product, they also have an excellent reputation for monitoring who installs their roofing and the quality of the work. The GAF Master Elite Requirements are the way that the GAF company certifies those roofers who they allow to carry and install their product line. When you see the GAF Master Elite insignia you know that there is quality behind it.

Who can carry the GAF Master Elite insignia?

Any roofer is eligible to work toward the GAF Master Elite certification, but not everyone will receive it, nor will all roofers go to the lengths required to earn it. In the Charlotte area there are very few roofing contractors who have the reputation of a Master Elite installer. Once you are certified you can offer to your customers benefits that other roofers aren’t eligible to. A Master Elite can offer the highest quality warranties like the Golden Pledge Warranty that includes the 50 year shingle warranty on Lifetime shingles along with a 25 year labor warranty that comes directly from the GAF manufacturer.

The reason they are certified to offer such extended warranties is because the GAF manufacturer comes to the site themselves to approve the installation of materials and the quality of the workmanship. That gives you the additional security to know that it is done right and to the specifications outlined by the manufacturer of the shingle maker. Those GAF Master Elite Requirements are the reason why the certification is so highly coveted and one you should look for.

The roof is quite arguably the only thing that stands between your home and the elements. Don’t take a chance hiring a roofer who doesn’t deserve your trust. If you are hiring a roofer in the Statesville area, call Atlantic Construction Solutions, they not only are one of the few roofers in the Charlotte are who carry the GAF Master Elite Requirements, they have an outstanding reputation that is longstanding in the Charlotte area.