Storm Chasers and Ambulance Chasers

Storm Chasers Are To Hail Damage In Charlotte Repair Needs As Ambulance Chasers Are To Malpractice

When you are a professional in any field, the last thing that you want to discuss are those individuals who seek to minimize the practice. The problem is if you don’t talk about the bad, you can’t demonstrate the good. If you have not heard of a “storm chaser” you aren’t familiar with the roofing world. Ask any reputable roofer what a storm chaser is and they will probably become very defensive. We have all heard the phrase “ambulance chaser” as it pertains to malpractice lawsuits. Storm chasers are to roofing what ambulance chasers are to malpractice They are the people that make all roofers look bad. There is a big difference between local roofers who do hail damager in Charlotte repair and storm chaser hail damage repair scammers.

What is a storm chaser?

There is a reason why you pay your homeowner’s insurance. The reason is because when something happens to your home that is going to be a big expense, you want to prepare for, and buffer the cost. If there is a storm that damages your roof, it can cause destruction that requires a brand new one, no matter how old the roof is. A new roof is an incredibly large expense that no one wants to have to pay for, especially if the roof is fairly new. A storm chaser is someone who watches the weather around the nation looking for storms that produce hail, and then flocks to that area to repair the roofs that have been damaged. They are transient hail damage in Charlotte repair professionals.

Storm chasers are individuals who are not from the area. They knock on doors to evaluate roofs, and when they find damage, they let you know. The practice of what storm chasers do is completely not only legal, but beneficial to homeowners who would otherwise not know about the damage their roof has incurred. The problem lies in the way that they go about repairing the roofs and the way that they take care of their customers. It isn’t that a storm chaser doesn’t understand how to diagnose hair damage in Charlotte repair needs, it is that they don’t have the reputation, or the roots to be responsible to fix those repair needs.

The difference between a storm chaser and a reputable local roofer?

There is a big difference between a storm chaser who assess hail damage in Charlotte repair needs who isn’t member of the community and a reputable roofer in Charlotte. When you hire a local roofer, they should be able to access for hail damage in the same way. They also have the roots in the community, the reputation, and the establishment to follow through with the customer service you deserve, and the protection that you need. When you hire a local roofer, should things become a problem, you have someone to turn to who will stand behind their work, and who cares about the customers and their standing in a community. A storm chaser is a roofer who is on to the next area before any problems are realized, and just try to get them to return if you have an issue!

If a storm rolls through the Charlotte area it is always smart to have a local roofer come for a free evaluation to access for damage. The key is that they are a local roofer with well established roots. A roof is an expense that you want to make sure is done right. If you are looking for a local roofing company, who has the long standing and upstanding reputation in the Charlotte area, turn to Atlantic Contracting Services. They know how to access hair damage in Charlotte repair needs, but also to fix it with expertise.