How Hail Damages Your Roof

How Do I Know If I Have Hail Damage?

Hail is a very dangerous and powerful force of mother nature, able to break glass and rip shingles off of roofs in a short amount of time. The amount of hail damage suffered is dependent on how bad the storm was, as hail can vary greatly in size. You can find out if you have hail damage by calling a local roofing company and scheduling a free roof inspection with them. Once scheduled, the inspector will inspect your roof damage then let you know the evaluation results once they are done.

Factors During A Hailstorm

There are several factors that could damage your roof during a hailstorm besides the hail itself. These factors are:

  • Wind – Wind is very powerful, especially during an event such as a hailstorm. The high velocity of the wind, as well as the direction of it along with the hail could mean high amounts of damage done to your roof.
  • Hail Size & Density – The size of the hail is a very important factor to be aware of during a hailstorm. The bigger and thicker the hail, the more damage it will do when it hits your roof.
  • Age of Your Roof – The age of your roof could mean the difference between a couple pieces of hail puncturing through it, or the roof lasting the entire storm. If your roof is old and could get damaged somewhat easily during a hailstorm, it is recommended to get it replaced as soon as possible.