Gutter Replacement

Atlantic Construction and Roofing is the #1 roofing company in the Charlotte area, but building impeccable roof replacements is not the only service offered. Atlantic Constructionand Roofing offers gutter replacements as well, having received amazing 5 star  reviews on Angie’s List as well as having a top rating by the Better Business Bureau. Gutters are invaluable to the functionality of a household, if they become damaged then rain, snow, and melting snow could leak into your home. causing major water damage or rotting. Aluminum gutters have a lifespan of 20 years while copper gutters have a lifespan of up to 50 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

When Should I Get My Gutters Replaced?

Beware of the signs that you should replace your gutters, some example of gutters that need replacing are:

  • Water leaking into your basement, Damaged gutters are the main cause of basement leaks
  • Water not draining through your gutters, this is a for-sure sign of gutters needing to be replaced
  • Gutters are bent or cracked
  • Rusted gutters
  • Paint within your home is peeling
  • Corroding wood by the area the gutters are located
  • Rust stains in your home
  • Gaps between gutters or between the gutters & structure they are attached to

Schedule Your Gutter Inspection Now!

Call Atlantic Constructionand Roofing at 704-234-7663 today to schedule your free gutter inspection! Once scheduled, one of our great employees will come to your home and check for wear and tear, cracks, leaks, or any damage that could be detrimental to your home. If any damage is found, we will provide you with replacement options.


Atlantic Construction and Roofing will come to your home and inspect your roof/gutters for damage, at no cost! If any damage is found, we will use GAF manufactured and supplied materials to replace your roof through your insurance company. Roof leaks are caused by various things, from storm damage to regular wear and tear. Being the #1 roofing company in the Charlotte area, Atlantic Construction and Roofing offers nothing but the best service around. Some of Atlantic Construction Solutions credentials are:

  • 5 Star rating on Angie’s List
  • Impeccable status with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • #1 roofing company in the Charlotte area, having done over 1500 homes with minimal complaints.

What Happens After I Schedule An Inspection?

After you schedule an inspection, one of our inspectors will come to your home at the requested date and time, (you can choose to be home or not, we will get you the results!) then proceed to climb and inspect your roof or gutters for significant damage that could call for a repair or replacement. If damage is found, we will then proceed to file a claim with your insurance company (yes, replacements are covered by your insurance!) and replace your roof in a timely fashion that will work best for you. Call 704-234-7663 to schedule a free inspection and see if you are in need of a replacement.

Why Choose a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor?

Atlantic Construction and Roofing is a certified GAF Master Elite roofing company that will only offer the best service. GAF is the country’s number 1 roofing materials distributor, since opening in 1886 their products have continually been ranked #1 by home owners, contractors, and third party associates. GAF also does a great job of making sure its clients are thoroughly satisfied, from the contractors purchasing materials to the home owners receiving a new roof. Through their Master Elite Roofing Contractor certification program, they have helped make millions of people happy under a great roof.

What does the certification stand for?

A certification for GAF means that your contractor has a great reputation, is fully licensed and equipped by the state to work in your area or region, and will offer you the most recent and best roofing materials as well as technology to equip you with the best roof you can get.

How can I be sure they are professionals?

Being GAF Master Elite certified means that Master Elite contractors have been equipped by GAF with a wide range of educational materials developed by GAF’s very own technical experts. Roofing companies that are Master Elite certified are sure to bring you complete satisfaction with the roof and service you receive. GAF Master Elite certified companies will always offer the latest roof installation techniques to ensure the highest quality roof you can be given.

Does my roof come with a warranty? 

All GAF Master Elite certified companies are authorized to offer you enhanced system warranties on your roof. Enhanced system warranties are select warranties on your roof that will completely cover any material defects or workmanship errors that could occur on your roof. Just ask the GAF Master Elite certified contractor that is helping you get your new roof what warranties are available and what coverage is offered!

How Does Hail Affect Your Roof?

Hail is a very serious thing when it comes to the health and safety of your roof. There are various reasons to get your roof inspected after a hail storm such as:

  • Hail can tear the shingles off of your roof.
  • Hail can damage the structure of your household.
  • Hail damage can get you a free roof replacement from a local roofing company.
  • Damage to your gutters should be a concern after hail hits.
  • Roof inspections are free, meaning you can get checked for damage at no cost!
  • Some hail damage is not visible to the naked eye.
  • Hail can cause soft spots in your roof, meaning that leaks are inevitable.
  • During hailstorms, wind is also a very damaging occurrence. Wind can blow debris into your roof, and blow away the shingles damaged by the hail.
  • Black spots on your roof are a tell for hail damage.
  • No pattern for streaks.

Call Atlantic Construction Solutions if you are unsure whether you have roof damage and if you are eligible for a FREE roof at 704-598-0555

How Hail Damages Your Roof

How Do I Know If I Have Hail Damage?

Hail is a very dangerous and powerful force of mother nature, able to break glass and rip shingles off of roofs in a short amount of time. The amount of hail damage suffered is dependent on how bad the storm was, as hail can vary greatly in size. You can find out if you have hail damage by calling a local roofing company and scheduling a free roof inspection with them. Once scheduled, the inspector will inspect your roof damage then let you know the evaluation results once they are done.

Factors During A Hailstorm

There are several factors that could damage your roof during a hailstorm besides the hail itself. These factors are:

  • Wind – Wind is very powerful, especially during an event such as a hailstorm. The high velocity of the wind, as well as the direction of it along with the hail could mean high amounts of damage done to your roof.
  • Hail Size & Density – The size of the hail is a very important factor to be aware of during a hailstorm. The bigger and thicker the hail, the more damage it will do when it hits your roof.
  • Age of Your Roof – The age of your roof could mean the difference between a couple pieces of hail puncturing through it, or the roof lasting the entire storm. If your roof is old and could get damaged somewhat easily during a hailstorm, it is recommended to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Charlotte Roofing Company

Charlotte Roofing Company NC


The best Charlotte roofing company is Atlantic Construction Solutions. As the leading new roofing installation contractor in Charlotte NC, our company takes pride in taking care of our customers. Atlantic Construction Solutions is a residential and commercial home improvement company and a sub contractor of Room 2 Roof, our company works with other great service roofing companies to provide our customers with great residential and commercial roofing services. Our company doesn’t install cheap construction roofing materials like other contractors. Charlotte NC residential property owners take pride in how their homes look, so most of the Greensboro home owners are hard workers with a 9 to 5 jobs. Our company takes care of the Greensboro residential home owners by offering great roofing services to the our customers.

Charlotte Residential Roofing Services

We offer residential home owners free roofing inspections and estimates to help them determine the condition of their roofs, most residential homeowner’s are shocked to determined after a free inspection that the conditions of their roofs are worst off than they actually think it is. The weather doesn’t show no mercy to our homes, whether it’s rain, snow, hail, wind. Many homeowners come to find out that they either have hail or wind damage. The worst that a homeowner may discover is that he or she may have is a leak from improper roofing maintenance. Which in most cases is an easy fix, we can send one of our handymen to fix the leak. Our company will first follow proper procedure’s when we discover that your home may have a leak. A Atlantic Construction Solutions rep will first notify the home owner that upon inspection that they have discovered a leak in their roofing system, and that leak requires immediate attention. If our technician gets the home owners permission, we proceed to tarp the roof to prevent further leaks and wood rot from developing which can cost the homeowner more money he or she has to pay.

Our roofing specialist may discover that you may need a new roof, our company also specializes in new roofing installation as well, and if a homeowner calls us to their homes and request a free roofing estimate. Our company will be glad and happy to provide a free estimate to any Charlotte NC customer which calls for a roofing estimate. We’ll schedule a time when both spouse are at home so we can schedule a time when one of our roofing specialist can schedule a time when he or she can be there. Upon arriving to your house our company rep will introduce themselves, you’ll tell them what the issue and what you like. All our reps can do is inspect, give you an estimate on your roof and property. Its up to the customer to make the choice and selection on what color shingle and what roofing and other remodeling service our company may provide you and your family.

Charlotte NC Commercial Roofing Services

Atlantic Construction Solutions serves our commercial building owners with commercial roofing services. Many of the Charlotte North Carolina business owners who own commercial property use flat roofs or built up roofing system. When a business owner calls us to he or she’s office, they usually want roofing maintenance which our company provides. If a business wants new roofing installation we provide that service as well. We offer free estimates and inspections to our commercial building owners who have leaks and maintenance problems and to full roofing replacement. We’re looking to put a smile on your face when our company steps in you and your organization presence.

Charlotte Roofing Services Charlotte NC Roofing Contractor

Charlotte Roofing Services Charlotte NC Roofing Contractor

Charlotte North Carolina is home to Time Warner Cable, which is also the home of the Charlotte Bobcats. Downtown Charlotte is historic with its downtown buildings and older buildings that are more than 200 years old. With Charlotte NC residential and commercial areas being older, that means the buildings require maintenance more and more every year due to the ages of the buildings. IF you live in a home or do business out of a building that is older than two centuries old,we’re hoping that you’re keeping up with the maintenance of that building or complex.

Charlotte North Carolina Roofing Services

Charlotte, NC as we mentioned above have many older commercial and residential areas which many of the building exterior and interior may need maintenance or complete renovations. Many people may not know that the building that they reside in may not be up to code, or that it may not be good for their health to stay in the older building which may have a roof that’s not properly insulated or have leaks and mold throughout the building.
These are things that if you’re living in a older building that should be going in the back of your mind or your to-do list.

Roofing Maintenance Charlotte NC

Proper roofing maintenance can help the air in a home circulate properly. If air vents, chimney, insulation and everything else which is associated with your roofing system is up to code. Roofing maintenance can also help with you heating and cooling cost and as well well as with your electric bill. Roofing insulation is very key to reducing heating cost, during the winter heat escapes your house, not having enough insulation can actually accelerate how much heat your residential or commercial property lose. The maintenance on your roof should be up to date as well, improper roof maintenance can allow cool air to escape your home. Which can make your A/C unit work harder causing it to go through more freon. An older roof can cause problems if water gets into your home, causing a leak in the residential or commercial property. Its usually best to have your home inspected by a trained professional once every 2 years to make sure that your home exterior which include siding, gutters, roof, ac unit, fence, trim of your residential or commercial property is installed properly or needs maintenance.

Charlotte County North Carolina Roofing and Restoration Company

By having your home inspected you can save your self headaches and keep yourself up to date, just because you have a newer home or commercial building it still a good idea and is best that you still have the building inspected from time to time. The roof of any property is key to proper ventilation throughout the property, by properly maintaining your residential property or commercial building you’ll be happier and save money in your properties. Restoring your buildings is also necessary if selling is not an option, gutting out a building and completely starting over is sometime a necessary evil that can bring the beauty of an older commercial building or residential property. Whatever your needs are whether exterior renovations or exterior replacement our company has got you covered. Call us today for a free estimate or inspection .

Storm Chasers and Ambulance Chasers

Storm Chasers Are To Hail Damage In Charlotte Repair Needs As Ambulance Chasers Are To Malpractice

When you are a professional in any field, the last thing that you want to discuss are those individuals who seek to minimize the practice. The problem is if you don’t talk about the bad, you can’t demonstrate the good. If you have not heard of a “storm chaser” you aren’t familiar with the roofing world. Ask any reputable roofer what a storm chaser is and they will probably become very defensive. We have all heard the phrase “ambulance chaser” as it pertains to malpractice lawsuits. Storm chasers are to roofing what ambulance chasers are to malpractice They are the people that make all roofers look bad. There is a big difference between local roofers who do hail damager in Charlotte repair and storm chaser hail damage repair scammers.

What is a storm chaser?

There is a reason why you pay your homeowner’s insurance. The reason is because when something happens to your home that is going to be a big expense, you want to prepare for, and buffer the cost. If there is a storm that damages your roof, it can cause destruction that requires a brand new one, no matter how old the roof is. A new roof is an incredibly large expense that no one wants to have to pay for, especially if the roof is fairly new. A storm chaser is someone who watches the weather around the nation looking for storms that produce hail, and then flocks to that area to repair the roofs that have been damaged. They are transient hail damage in Charlotte repair professionals.

Storm chasers are individuals who are not from the area. They knock on doors to evaluate roofs, and when they find damage, they let you know. The practice of what storm chasers do is completely not only legal, but beneficial to homeowners who would otherwise not know about the damage their roof has incurred. The problem lies in the way that they go about repairing the roofs and the way that they take care of their customers. It isn’t that a storm chaser doesn’t understand how to diagnose hair damage in Charlotte repair needs, it is that they don’t have the reputation, or the roots to be responsible to fix those repair needs.

The difference between a storm chaser and a reputable local roofer?

There is a big difference between a storm chaser who assess hail damage in Charlotte repair needs who isn’t member of the community and a reputable roofer in Charlotte. When you hire a local roofer, they should be able to access for hail damage in the same way. They also have the roots in the community, the reputation, and the establishment to follow through with the customer service you deserve, and the protection that you need. When you hire a local roofer, should things become a problem, you have someone to turn to who will stand behind their work, and who cares about the customers and their standing in a community. A storm chaser is a roofer who is on to the next area before any problems are realized, and just try to get them to return if you have an issue!

If a storm rolls through the Charlotte area it is always smart to have a local roofer come for a free evaluation to access for damage. The key is that they are a local roofer with well established roots. A roof is an expense that you want to make sure is done right. If you are looking for a local roofing company, who has the long standing and upstanding reputation in the Charlotte area, turn to Atlantic Contracting Services. They know how to access hair damage in Charlotte repair needs, but also to fix it with expertise.

Spotting Hail Damage in Charlotte

The Carolinas offer kind winters, but they don’t offer kindness to the roofing of your home. Storms that are specific to those of us who live near the ocean can have an abundance of ice and hail. The problem with hail damage is that you rarely know that you have fallen victim to it. There is rarely an occasion when you just happen to be up on the roof and spot storm damage. By the time you notice it, it has done some major insult to your roof, your underlayment, and if unlucky enough, to the interior of your home or attic. Living in Charlotte will increase the chances that you have sustained damage without even being aware. That’s why it is important to hire a professional to look and see if you are in need of hail damage repair in Charlotte.

To find the best professional to access for the need of repare for hail damage in Charlotte, there are certain things that you should look for. Not every roofer knows the signs that are specific to hail and storm damage, nor do they know that it is usually covered within your homeowner’s insurance. Instead of billing your insurance, they most likely will come to you for the cost of hail damage repair in Charlotte, or replacement. That can be a hefty cost for the homeowner to shoulder. There is a reason why you pay your insurance premium every month and accidental damage, such storm damage, is one of the reasons why.

What type of hail damage repair does a roofer look for?

The problem with hail damage in Charlotte is that it is not always easy to spot. There are telltale signs to look for that may appear not to be significant if you don’t to look for them. Hail will leave behind little pinholes in your roof. Overtime, those pinholes are like getting rocks to a windshield, they cause break down around the site that can spread and cause a considerable amount of destruction. Just one little pinhole can lead to heavy water damage, and the weakening of your roof and underlayment. To someone who isn’t trained specifically to know the signs, these pinholes may seem like nothing of concern.

A professional who specializes in repare from hail damage in Charlotte will know exactly what to look for. They should also offer you a free evaluation. There are times when not even you know that hail has hit your region. So, if someone comes knocking on your door, they are not trying to scam you, they probably know something that you don’t.

When looking for a professional to perform the hail damage repair, choose a company that is local. Storm damage is something that will bring travelers in from afar looking to turn a fast profit. The problem with these “storm chasers” is that by the time you experience any sort of difficulties, or problems with workmanship, they are long gone with your money in hand. Using a local roofer who is specifically trained, understands what hair damage repair in Charlotte entails, and has roots already established in the community is the best way to ensure that you get the best service possible. Always hire someone who has a good reputation in your area for the most honest, and professional completion of your hail damage repair in Charlotte.

If you are looking for a company in the Charlotte area who not only knows how to spot hail damage, they also know how to perform hail damage repair in Charlotte from diagnosis to completion, call Atlantic Construction Services. They have the experience, education, and desire to ensure that you are satisfied with their services from start to finish.

How am I going to Pay for my Leaky Roof?

If you have a leaky roof you may be wondering how on earth you can afford the cost to fix it. One thing is for sure, the longer that you allow it to go without repair, the more damage that can come from it. When water is allowed to make its way from the outside, in, it can do a lot of harm to your home. Let it sit long enough and it can literally make you sick. There are ways to pay for a leaky roof that are not only affordable. In fact, it may be completely free. Depending on how the damage happened, it may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The only way to really know is to have a free inspection done by a roofing specialist who knows what to look for.

Many roofers will come and give you a free inspection and not consider the cause of your leaky roof. Unless they are aware of the difference between normal damage and that which comes from storms, they may not be aware that your homeowner’s insurance will cover it. They aren’t really concerned about who writes the check, but obviously you are.

There are other roofers who will do what is called “storm chasing” in the industry. They are roofers who go around and inspect a roof specifically looking to make a dollar off of damage that needs a small repair, by telling you you need a whole new roof. Although a new roof sounds like a great deal, if you don’t need one, it will not come without expense. There is usually a deductible attached to any claim. Once you make a claim it can also go against your rates. Do you really want to pay for a new roof when you don’t need one? What happens when you really do need one?

The problem with most roofers is that you are at their mercy. You can’t physically go up on top of your roof to see what is going on, so you have to believe that they are telling you the truth. A reputable roofer will have ways to, not only demonstrate to you what they see, they will be able to explain in detail what options are available to you to take care of the problem. If someone comes knocking at your door, going up on your roof, and handing you a big bill without showing any proof, it is best to take a pass.

The best way to protect your home is by having a professional free roof inspection. A certified roofer can pinpoint the damage to your roof and give you the options on how best to deal with it. Before you let anyone up on your roof, make sure that you know who they are, and what they are all about. Finding someone local is imperative to getting the quality you want. If someone is just running through town, there is no way to hold them accountable. Only those roofers who have established roots in the area are able to finish the job and stand behind their work.

If you are in need of a free roofing inspection in the Charlotte area, call Atlantic. Not only a member of the better business bureau, they are here to make a presence and not planning on going anywhere. A roofer you can trust, they are able to go from inspection, to claim, to finished project, all with the professionalism you desire and deserve.