When it comes to Water Damage, Don’t wait!

Water is a sneaky thing. One of the most crucial elements on earth, it can also be one of the most destructive. Water damage is something that is hard to get under control, not only when it happens, but for a long time afterwards. The biggest problem with water damage is that you can’t see it coming until it has been going on for a while. If water is allowed to sit, without being repaired, it can cause a whole host of problems to your home, and to your health. So what are the best ways of keeping your home safe from it?

Roofing Inspections are key

The only thing keeping the elements out of your home is your roof. It is your first, and last, line of defense from in climate weather. The problem with a roof is that you can’t see it. You could have unseen damage that you don’t know about. By the time you know you have a roofing problem it has had time to find its way around your home. When you are finally aware of it, it has done far more destruction than you think. The only way to really know if your roof is sound is by having an inspection. But having someone come in to see what you can’t, can be risky. What you can’t see can hurt you, what others tell you they see can, can also hurt you financially.

Small damage spots to your roof caused by storms and hail can eventually break down and allow water to seep into the foundation underneath. The good news is that in most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover the cost to repair, or to replace, water damage. But you need a roofing professional who is able to recognize it, and fight for you. Not all roofers understand the difference between normal wear and tear, and storm damage that is covered through your homeowner’s insurance. Finding a reputable roofer, you must also find one who understands how to do a qualified roofing inspection.

What are the best ways to find a roofing specialist?

When looking for a roofer search for one who has a high reputation and has been in the business for a while. Finding one who knows how to provide you not only with a free inspection, but with proof of what they see up on your roof, is important. Always ask them to be your eyes by providing you with photos of what they see and explaining what the problems are. If a roofer isn’t able to give you the information that you need, don’t take their word as truth. Having the liberty to use your homeowner’s insurance is a great thing, but making sure you are getting your money’s worth, and that you trust the company you are hiring, is important. Your roof is a very important safety feature of your home.

A good roofer can provide you with not only a free inspection and diagnosis, but can deal directly with your homeowner’s insurance company for approval and confirmation. They can handle all the steps from spotting the problem, to having the work approved, to finishing the project. Your input should be minimal, but your satisfaction should be maximum.

If you are looking for a professional in the Charlotte area who can offer not only a free water damage inspection, but the information you need to deal with your homeowner’s insurance company and your roofing problem, call Atlantic today. Even if you don’t think you have an issue, don’t wait to find out you do the hard, and expensive, way.

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